Multiple Teams · Former MHS All-State Athletes – pictures and information needed

Former All-State Athletes

Mooresville High School would like to recognize the past All-State Athletes at Mooresville High School.  New plaques have been installed at the main entrance to the South Gym (Door 8) to recognize these athletes.  The boards that have been installed are very similar to our Hall of Fame plaques that are also in that location.  The plan is to attach the similar plates to the mounted plaques for each All-State athlete.

The Athletic Department has started to obtain past information to come up with a list of all the past All-State athletes from each sport.  To ensure that no one is missed, the Athletic Department would like you to contact Zach Errett with information if you were an All-State Athlete.  The information needed is the name, year, and sport.  His email address is:

In addition to the information, we would also like to have a photo of each athlete for the board.  This picture needs to be from when they were competing at MHS.  The picture will then be imaged onto a plate and then mounted on a plaque.

This process is expected to take a few years to obtain all of the information.  The goal is to install the ones that we do have at the start of the next school year.  Over time, the hope is that all of the information for every All-State athlete will up on the wall.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Zach Errett via email.

Go Pioneers!  #BeEpic!