Multiple Teams · Meet the Athlete: Peighton Noel

From literal ups and down, sophomore Peighton Noel has shown nothing but positive attitude since she started cheering for MHS.

Coming back from a knee injury last basketball season, Noel has been making her way to the top by being the best example she can be and helping all her team mates.

“Everytime I get a new skill and that feeling of satisfaction, I remember why I cheer and love it so much. It’s such an exciting rush,” Noel said.

Individually, Noel’s achievements have not been held back due to her injury either. Goals set since then, have been achieved, and have even improved.

“Having my best friend on the team with me has definitely made it a lot more fun and has brought us closer together,” sophomore and fellow cheerleader Alyssa Phipps said.

So whether she is at the top or at the bottom of the pyramid, Noel puts forth and demonstrates her top skills and most positive attitude, being proud to cheer for MHS.

by Lacey Watt, Pulse