Boys Varsity Swimming, Girls Varsity Swimming · Pioneer Swimmers Will Be Strong Off the Starting Blocks

Mooresville’s new swim Coach Kevin Trammell sees potential all around him in the MHS Natatorium.

“We’ve got a great facility and we’ve got great potential,” Trammell says of his team which is heavy with freshmen and sophomores. He also praises the great work diving coach Corey Ervin has done. “We’ve got one of the best diving programs around and diving wins swim meets.”

Those foundations are exactly what Trammell needs.

“My goal is to build a college preparatory high-performance team,” said Trammell, “and we are already on our way.”

Trammell has already put in time far beyond the regular swim season as a group of Mooresville’s swimmers joined him to compete at the high school club level earlier in the year.  The Pioneer swimmers are translating that positive experience back into the Mooresville pool. The team’s strength and technique are improving steadily as they’ve begin two-a-day practices in preparation for the school season.

“They’re working hard and they’re tired after practices,” says Trammell, “but they see that they’re getting stronger and their times are getting shorter every week.”

In addition to the hard work the team puts in, Trammell says they’re realizing the importance of good nutrition and getting their techniques exactly right. He believes as the swimmers continue their fine tuning, new school records will start showing up on the natatorium walls. Each improvement is a small victory, and as Trammell notes, “Success builds success.”

Trammell already has plans in the works for this team to continue growing their skills to the college level. He is working with an NCAA Division 2 university to get the Pioneers into collegiate-level training next summer. “As a college preparatory program, we’re stressing NCAA level skill sets,” said Trammell. “These swimmers are being exposed to the exact same techniques that they will need when they get to the competitive college level.”

For now, the team is diving in with enthusiasm and a competitive spirit fueled by their coach’s enthusiasm. Trammell says changes will be evident to fans and the competition when the team begins their competitive season.

“Everyone should be on the lookout when the first meet hits. Their starts are going to be ballistic, their walls are going to be the strongest they’ve ever done, and they’re going to look amazing.”