Pioneers News · Buying/Redeeming Digital Tickets


Tickets for All Mooresville High School Home Athletic Events will be Digital Only – Paper Tickets will NOT be sold at the Door.  To purchase a ticket for an upcoming event, visit our online store:

To redeem your PayK12 Digital Tickets at Mooresville High School, please follow these steps. Paper tickets, screenshots, and/or order confirmation emails are not accepted for admission.


  1. After completing your online order, you will receive 2 emails from, “”
  • If there is no email(s) in your inbox with this title, please check your Spam/Junk folder.
  1. Open first email with Subject Line: “PAYK12 powered by ticketracker Your Ticket/Pass”

3. Click the “View Mobile Ticket” at the bottom of the email.  Will take you to your Digital Ticket, see below:

4.  At the gate, you should have the above screen loaded and ready to present. The event staff will have you click on the blue       “Mark as Redeemed,” which will lead you to the following screen:


5. Event Staff will instruct you to click on the gray “Marked as Redeemed, ” which will verify your ticket with the following:

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 above for multiple tickets.