Boys Varsity Swimming · Boys Varsity sets new school point record at Mid State Conference

  Place Points
Franklin Community High School 1st 505
Plainfield High School 2nd 402
Whiteland High School 3rd 291
Mooresville High School 4th 239
Greenwood Community High School 5th 186
Perry Meridian High School 6th 177
Decatur Central High School 7th 153
Martinsville High School 8th 118

A total of 8 teams competed in the Mid State Conference on January 3rd and January 5th. The prelims occurred on January 3rd which set the seeding for the finals on January 5th. The Pioneer boys swam personal best times to make it to the finals and swam even faster during the finals. The boys team came in 4th place with a total of 239 points. This is the highest point total ever scored by the Mooresville Varsity at the Mid State Conference. Freshman Clark Wilson started the individual events with a 3.74-second drop in the 200 Free along with Drew Crawford dropping 3.48 seconds for two personal records in one event. Sophomore Trey Addair took 5th place in the 200 Individual Medley then came back to take 6th place in the 100 Fly. The highest finisher for both the boys and girls team was Evan Wilson in the 100 Free. Evan placed a strong second in a heat where a new conference record was set. Evan was seeded 5th in the prelims and swan a personal record to win a commanding 2nd place. Then Clark Wilson was back to take 7th place in the 500 Free with a personal best time of 5:27. 65. Evan Wilson was then back in the water and won 6th in the 100 Back.

The pioneer dive squad set a very positive tone heading into sectionals at the 2019 Mid- State conference championship meet. The boy divers did not disappoint with sophomores Devon Berryman and Roger Phillips coming in third and fourth place with two great performances. Junior and new Diver Marcus Wymer also topped off in finals placing 11th. We are looking forward to showing up at sectionals in a similar fashion. Hard work and smart work pays off! We are getting better every day!